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Watertight tension clamps for covered conductors

Ensto’s tension clamps are used as mechanical tension fittings to create a reliable connection between the conductor and insulator in medium voltage covered conductor overhead line networks. The watertight dead-end clamps are suitable for use in PAS/BLL AlMgSi systems, and they cover all the most used conductor sizes.

No peeling needed in installation

The robust tension clamps SO255S, SO256S and SO257S are very fast and easy to install as there is no need for peeling the covering off. That also prevents potential strand damages from occurring. The insulation piercing contact part has a silicone seal to block the moisture getting into the conductor. The small connector that pierces the insulation in a controlled manner minimizes the risk of tracking and does not damage the conductor surface. The shear-head ensures the correct tightening torque. The design of the product is a result of decades long experience in several markets all over the world and countless number of customer feedback.

Type-tested and certified design

Ensto’s dead-end clamps SO255S, SO256S and SO257S are type tested according to the EN 50397-2 standard’s requirements, which counts for high overall quality for the customer. By investing in type testing and certification Ensto can truly guarantee the even quality of its products. The watertight tension clamps are from the very beginning designed and tested to work with covered conductors. Hence, the use of these minimizes the corrosion defects and the conductor stays in shape for decades as the water stays out.

Full covered conductor solution

The tension clamps are part of the Full Covered Conductor Solution with which it is possible to enhance the reliability of electricity distribution and minimize the interruptions caused by lightning, tree branches, and wildlife. Read more about building the distribution grid with that solution in Ensto’s Full Covered Conductor System (FCCS) Handbook. The comprehensive information package includes products and ready-made structures for various pole types in medium voltage network.

Reliability for electricity distribution with Ensto tension clamps:

  • Designed and tested to work with covered conductors.
  • No need to peel the covering off: fast and easy installation.
  • Watertight and type tested according to the EN 50397-2 standard’s requirements.