The product family of new mechanical cable connectors and lugs is expanding!

The product family of new medium-voltage (MV) mechanical cable connectors and lugs expands to new sizes, 95-300 mm², 185-400 mm² and 300-630 mm². Already last year, sizes 10-95 mm², 25-150 mm² and 50-240 mm² were introduced. New sizes gradually replace the old ones in the heat and cold shrink accessories for underground cable networks.

Guaranteed Ensto quality 

The connectors and lugs have outstanding installation benefits: a screw design with a stepless shearing – the screw always breaks at the right place on the surface level. Installation is also facilitated by semi-conductive centering rings and semi-conductive covers for the connectors. These innovations make installation much easier and safer. 

The new connectors and lugs have been type-tested according to latest IEC 61238-1-3:2018 standard, which is one of the most important factors to the best quality.

Innovative and excellent design:

  • screw design with step less shearing
  • semi-conductive cap
  • semi-conductive centering rings.

Fast and easy installation:

  • always correct cut-off point
  • no need of hammering or grinding the screw after break.

Wide application range:

  • heat and cold shrink accessories
  • aluminum and copper conductors
  • round and sector shape conductors
  • solid and stranded conductors.

Read more about the close collaboration between product development, laboratory, product management and manufacturing in the creation of new product families of connectors and lugs. 


Wide selection of MV mechanical cable connectors and lugs: