Superb efficiency for detecting current faults in underground cable networks

The ultimate goal of the electricity distribution system owners is to improve the distribution efficiency. This means guaranteeing the uninterrupted service to the end users and keeping the power quality at an optimum level. There, fault detection plays a crucial role.

Detecting current faults

Ensto’s LYNX 4425 is a current fault detector for medium voltage underground cable networks of 10 to 24 kV, and its main function is to make the distribution grid more efficient. When the faults are detected and located quickly, a lot of time and money are saved, and the number and the duration of power outages can be minimized. Pascal Pedrinelli, Director, Network Automation Products & Services tells:

– LYNX was initially designed for the French market, but we have already modified the product to meet the local requirements in other countries too.

Easy installation and reliable operation

The easy-to-install LYNX Fault Passage Indicator, FPI is mostly used inside medium voltage substations. When it is installed in a manual-drive Ring Main Unit (RMU), it enables efficient detection and location of current faults in the grid. The stand-alone device can be plugged in after the RMU has been installed. LYNX is a good smart-functionality option for customers who want to detect and locate a fault even for a disconnected RMU.

Accurate data and long lifetime

When the LYNX is mounted with its current and voltages sensors, it brings very accurate and reliable amperometric fault detection and directional fault detection from 20A to 240A. Pascal Pedrinelli specifies:

– The new-generation LYNX40XX can be modified to suit customer preferences, meaning that by replacing one component in the product the detection functionality can be selected amperometric or directional.”

After the detection of the fault the indication is displayed on the device by an external, two-colored LED light. A built-in supercapacitor guarantees a long service life of at least 15 years.

Accurate, reliable fault detection and location with Ensto LYNX:

  • Easy to install stand-alone device.
  • Very reliable and accurate fault detection.
  • Long lifetime with supercapacitor.