Small but meaningful SLJ0.47 cable connector

The low voltage Ensto SLJ cable connector family has got a seventh member and covers the range of 4-300 mm². The products are used for jointing conductors for up to 1kV cables. Thanks to the shear-head bolt construction, no crimping tools are needed in the installation. The shear-head screw technology ensures the correct torque and easy, safe installation. The products are designed and manufactured in Finland and assembled in Estonia.

The SLJ connectors are longitudinally water-tight and suitable for aluminum and copper conductors; solid and stranded, sector and circular shaped. The core insulation may be as well plastic as paper. The new entrant SLJ0.47 will automatically replace the existing SJ0.47 product in joint kits.



SLJ0.47 benefits

  • Fully type tested
  • Wider cross-section range up to 35 mm² instead of previous 25 mm²
  • Al 10-35 mm², Cu 4-25 mm²
  • Round and stylish shape → smoother surface
  • Solid structure → better quality

SLJ product family