Robust tension and suspension clamps for LV ABC

Ensto has developed integrated tension and suspension clamp packages for low voltage Aerial Bundled Conductors (ABC) in overhead line networks. The products are type-tested and certified according to the EN 59483-2 standard’s requirements. The usage of our reliable solutions count for long service life, uninterrupted distribution of electricity and lower maintenance costs for the customers.

Easy-to-install tension clamps

Ensto’s tension clamps connect the aerial bundled conductors to poles and are designed to withstand mechanical holding forces. The products have strong springs which keep the clamp in an open position during the installation of conductors. The clamping action functions through wedges. The highly durable clamp bodies are made of weather resistant aluminum alloy and the plastic parts are made of special fiberglass reinforced material. The tension clamps are available with shear head nuts, too.

Durable suspension clamps

The robust Ensto suspension clamps are used for installing and suspending the suspension of cables from poles in straight lines and angles. The product body is made of top-quality materials: weather resistant aluminum alloy and hot-dip galvanized steel, and the plastic parts of special fiberglass reinforced material. The hook attachment includes a stainless-steel reinforced ring, the integral rollers are manufactured of plastic and the inserts of weather resistant plastic.

Thorough experience and knowledge

Ensto has thorough experience and knowledge of electricity distribution networks. Our high-quality overhead line accessories help in building grids with a life cycle of 40-50 years. The versatile solutions are designed to work even in the most challenging and demanding conditions and environments with high or low temperatures, under strict UV-exposure and stormy surroundings.

We always develop our products in close collaboration with our customers and design them for a long operation time with little or no need for maintenance. Also, the life-cycle impact of the products on the environment has been minimized.

Ensto’s low voltage tension and suspension clamps for LV ABC conductors are designed to last.

  • Help in building a distribution network with a life cycle of 40-50 years.
  • Are type tested and hence, always reliable.
  • Have an easy-to-install design to make the installer’s work easier and faster.