Protecting wildlife and minimizing power outages

The awareness of the importance of wildlife protection in the electricity network is increasing. Ensto has a wide range of bird protectors, wire markers and other environmental-friendly products for protecting wildlife from death caused by dangers of electricity in overhead lines. The wildlife protection products are part of Ensto’s Full Covered Conductor Solution.

Compact bird protection set

Erkki Ruokonen, Product Manager for covered conductor accessories, takes the SP63.3 bird protection set for tension clamp SO255 as an example. “The best thing about this product is its compactness. There simply are no separate loose parts or cable ties to be tricked with up in the line. The robust parts manufactured of weather and UV-resistant thermoplastic material have been tested in the laboratory and proven to work in the field for decades."

The bird protection set design includes covers for three phases. The cover's position on the line is secured by a reliable hinge mechanism and robust plastic nails.

“We truly take responsibility for the technical operation of our products. Our customers can count on that the products function the way they are meant to function”, adds Ruokonen. The bird guards for power lines are installed close to crossarms, which birds typically use as their bird perches.

Easy as opening and closing a book

Ruokonen smiles that installing the SP63.3 is as easy as opening and closing a book. Thanks to thorough product development together with the customers the product structure is fully optimized. “We have received positive feedback from our customers on the simplicity and reliability of the bird protector. Its installation is quick and as soon as the assembly is done, it sits tight on its place.”

Today, the distribution system owners are paying more and more attention to environmental aspects such as electricity line protection when building the grid. By covering the ‘live’ parts, it is not only possible to save wildlife but also prevent the birds and other small animals like squirrels, from causing power outages. This is seen as an investment in general safety and sustainability in electricity distribution.

SP63.3 is an easy and durable way to protect wildlife:

  • Protects wildlife and minimizes power outages and wildfires caused
    by birds, squirrels, snakes, rodents.
  • A bird protection set for tension clamp SO255.
  • Manufactured of weather and UV-resistant thermoplastic materials.
  • Includes covers for three phases.
  • Really simple, compact design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Decades of good experience.

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