Ensto cold shrink technology and the new split connectors are an unbeatable combination!

We want to make our customers' everyday life better and easier, and therefore we listen to our customers and their needs. Based on those we launch split connector joints for medium voltage for the UK market.

Bigger conductor sizes might be hard to install since they do not bend easily. The new Ensto split connectors (CJH11.2454C and CJH11.42545C) eases the cable jointing procedure and reduces installation errors as the connector can be opened and both sides can be installed separately.

The joint kit is suitable for

  • jointing of max. 42 kV cables with XLPE insulation and copper wire shield.
  • single core cables, containing the components for one core.


  • Usable with bigger cross-section cable
  • Faster and easier to install
  • Textless installation instruction
  • Reduces installation errors
  • Type tested