Stay cool with Ensto's new screened separable connectors!

Ensto launches new CONT screened separable connectors for the safe connection of 12 - 24 kV medium-voltage cables to switchgears, transformers and motors with bushings. The screened connector has a rated current of 630 A and is suitable for both copper and aluminum cables.

  • CONT630-24 Screened separable T-connector
  • CONTB630-24 Screened separable back-connector
  • CONT-SA10 Screened separable surge arrester

The new screened separable connector is a perfectly compact package – all the main components are Ensto's own production: the silicone T-body, stress control adapter, cable lugs and surge arresters. Thanks to our own production, product quality management is in our own hands and a secure supply chain guarantees good availability.

In addition to a high-quality and durable product, Ensto's important basis for product design is ease of installation. The screened connector does not require hot work or hot work permits, and thanks to the elastic silicone raw-material, installation is convenient even in the tightest spaces. The elastic silicone and the new stepless cable lugs allow screened connectors to have wide application areas, and with one product you can cover the major needs of the entire distribution network!

All the components for installation and the clear installation instructions are packed in one compact package, which makes installation easy and convenient. The screened connectors have been tested according to the latest HD629.1 S3 standard, to verify that the products fulfill the demands of modern distribution networks and to secure a long-lasting installation for the customer.

Ensto's new screened separable connectors are a cost-effective and durable choice!

  • High-quality and durable components from Ensto's own production.
  • All components for installation in one package.
  • Elastic silicone guarantees wide areas of application.
  • Clearly illustrated instructions included.
  • Cold opening don’t need hot work or hot work permits.
  • Easy and reliable installation.
  • Ready to use immediately after installation.
  • Connecting and disconnecting is easy and fast.

Stay cool

By using Ensto's screened separable connectors you can keep yourself and your job from heating up. You can stop worrying about things that are holding you back at work, like hot work, unnecessary mistakes, overtime, availability issues, or tight installation spaces. Ensto's new screened separable connector is a perfectly compact package – so easy and reliable to install that you no longer need heating up. Follow the Stay cool campaign on Ensto's website and social media channels and hear more about our new product!



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A comprehensive range of screened separable connectors with a wide range of applications: 

Screened seprable T-connector for Cu and Al cables 
Product code Conductor size (24 kV) Conductor size (12 kV)
CONT630-24L95, CONTW630-24L95 10 – 95 mm2 25 - 95 mm2
CONT630-24L150, CONTW630-24L150 35 – 150 mm2 95 - 150 mm2
CONT630-24L240, CONTW630-24L240 50 – 240 mm2 95 - 240 mm2
CONT630-24L300, CONTW630-24L300 120 – 300 mm2 240 - 300 mm2
Screened separable back-connector for Cu and Al cables 
Product code Conductor size (24 kV) Conductor size (12 kV)
CONTB630-24L95, CONTWB630-24L95 10 – 95 mm2 25 - 95 mm2
CONTB630-24L150, CONTB630-24L150 35 – 150 mm2 95 - 150 mm2
CONTB630-24L240, CONTWB630-24L240 50 – 240 mm2 95 - 240 mm2
CONTB630-24L300, CONTB630-24L300 120 – 300 mm2 240 - 300 mm2
Screened separable surge arrester for Cu and Al cables 
Product code Rated Voltage Continuous operating voltage
CONT-SA10-12 15 kV 12 kV
CONT-SA10-17 22 kV 17,5 kV
CONT-SA10-24 30 kV 24 kV