New MV connectors and lugs are now in heat shrink kits!

The underground cable installation experience is further enhanced now that Ensto's new connectors and lugs are part of the medium voltage heat shrink joint and termination accessory kits up to 240 mm².

The new connectors and lugs have an innovative and excellent screw design with stepless shearing – the screw always breaks in the right place, at the level of the connector's surface and there is no need of hammering or grinding the screw after break. Another of the new features is a connector's semi-conductive cap, which eliminates the need to add mastic to the screw holes.

These new features allow for an excellent, safe, fast and pleasant installation experience. That's really important because underground cable installations are often done in very challenging conditions.


All components in one kit!

Our accessory kits include all the components an installer needs for installation. Each component of the kit have its own important role in the joint or termination. At the heart of the kit are the high-quality Ensto components, such as heat shrink tubes and connectors and lugs. The components must last underground for decades, so they have undergone rigorous product development and testing to international standards to ensure Ensto's quality.

In addition to the new connector, for example the HJ11.2403C heat shrink joint accessory kit includes:

  • An important part of the package is the installation instructions. Illustrated, easy-to-follow installation instructions helps the installer step by step through the installation and achieve a reliable result.
  • A heat shrink tube for outer sheath
  • A semi-conductive and insulating dual-layer heat shrink tube
  • An insulating and stress control dual layer tube
  • New connector!
  • Two pieces of tinned copper tape for joint screen.
  • One stress control mastic roll.
  • Two pieces of stress control mastic strip.
  • Two pieces of sealing mastic.
  • Grinding paper for insulation and another for cable sheath.
  • Cleaning tissue to keep insulation clean.
  • Dry cleaning towel.
  • PVC-tape.

Unbox the heat shrink joint HJ11.2403C accessory kit with us!