New compact cold shrink terminations for 12 kV indoor and outdoor applications


Every now and then you encounter a situation where a normal termination is far too big to fit in the space it should fit. Termination's rain sheds touch the wall or the length is far too long for the enclosure. To solve this problem, Ensto has developed a new compact termination range for 12 kV applications with cold shrink technology. 

Like all Ensto cold shrink accessories, this new compact termination series is easy to install as it is pre-expanded into a spiral. The indoor terminations are slim and shedless, while the outdoor terminations are equipped with a smaller rain sheds than traditional termination models. Both terminations are easier to install, especially in tight enclosures. 


  • Compact, slim structure 
  • Easy installation due to spiral technology 
  • Clear illustrated installation instructions 
  • Tested according to latest HD629.1 S3 standard

Product range:

 Indoor termination (single core)​ 

 Indoor termination (three core)​ 

 Outdoor termination (single core)​ 

 Outdoor termination (three core)​ 


From the pictures above you can see how quick and easy it is to install a new 12 kV termination with cold shrink technology.