Mechanical cable connectors for new cross-sections

Two new mechanical cable connectors with cross-sections of 70-150mm² and 95-185mm² have been added to Ensto’s underground cable connector family. The durable low voltage SLJ25.27 and SLJ25.47 connectors are used for jointing plastic and paper cables up to 1kV.

The 2-bolt connector SLJ25.27 is for conductor sizes 70-150mm², and the 4-bolt SLJ25.47 for 95-185mm². Both longitudinally watertight shear head connectors are suitable both for aluminum conductors and copper conductors.

As the new connectors have a shear head bolt construction no compression tools are needed. The required torque is achieved by tightening the bolt until it breaks off. Hence, the installation result is always proof and secure. All Ensto’s mechanical cable connectors are suitable for solid, stranded, sector and round conductors.

Product Manager Patrick Ekholm tells, that initially, the 4-bolt connector was made for a specific market need. He continues:
“I am happy that we can now offer these two particular products for 150 and 185mm² cross-sections to all our markets. With these it is possible to use smaller tubes than for example with the cable connector SLJ3.47 due to the smaller size. In addition, the new connectors enable making a specific joint for 120, 150 and 185mm² cables.”

The low voltage cable accessories has been a growing sector and even though the Nordic countries have been the main market, now there is also an increasing interest from other areas. The need for safe and reliably functioning underground cable networks is the theme everywhere in the world.

Ekholm states that Ensto now produces cable accessories also for cable types with added cross-sections. “Complemented with these new shear bolt connectors our underground cable accessory range is wider than before which means that we can serve our customers even better than before.”

  • New cross-sections 70-150 and 95-185mm²
  • Possibility to use smaller tubes due to the smaller size.
  • Shear head bolt construction – no compression tools are needed
  • Suitable for Al and Cu conductors
  • Wide range - solid, stranded, sector and round counductors