LFB fuse base for street lighting

Ensto LFB is a small, robust and space saving fuse base for street lighting. Not only does it save space but it also makes installation and maintenance service easier. LFB has been designed in close cooperation with customers - our goal was to create the best fuse base on the market! Thanks to its compact size, the fuse base is really installation-friendly and it can be easily fitted inside a streetlight pole. Even the cable insulation stripping length is indicated on the product.

Why choose Ensto LFB?

Simple twist and pull mechanism
- Turn 90° to open and close

Made of plastic, totally insulated cover
- No need for backplate earthing

Holder at the back
- Possibility to attach multiple fuse bases on top of each other

With or without fuse adapter
- Fuse sizes from 2 to 16 A without an adapter or when necessary with an adapter restricting the fuse size to 6 or 10 A

Improved KE -connectors

Ensto’s improved KE -branching connectors are quick and handy to install. The body is made of tin plated aluminum and the screws are nickel plated brass. The connector cover is made of transparent polycarbonate plastic in order to ease and speed up the installation. There are two different versions of KE -connectors available per size range: four and a six wire version.

Different kits for varying needs

Ensto offers a selection of complete kits. Depending on the need, the kit includes LFB and a set of KE -connectors or only a set of connectors. More detailed kit combinations can be found on the next page. LFB fuse base and KE -connectors are also sold separately, so you are able to pick the parts you need.