Heavy wall heat shrink tubes available as such

Ensto is known for its premium quality heat shrink cable joints and terminations. Since 2012, the company manufactures also low voltage heat shrink tubes in its own factory in Porvoo, Finland. The products are available as such, without other components.

Entire process in own hands

As the quality of the heat shrink tube is critical to a successful underground cable installation, Ensto wants to have the whole process in its own hands. This means that the tube design, the manufacturing process, and the constant product development take place in the company’s facilities in Porvoo, Finland. Only by selecting high-quality tubes and cable accessories is it possible to ensure the durable and sustainable end result where the cables will last for decades under the ground guaranteeing uninterrupted electricity distribution.

CPEEPL tubes for insulation and outer protection

Ensto’s CPEEPL heavy wall heat shrink tubes with adhesive are used for insulation and outer protection for low voltage cable joints and as outer protection for medium voltage cable joints. The black tubes are UV resistant and halogen free. As an agile company Ensto can provide tubes as tailormade customer-specific solutions with various lengths and markings for markets all over the world.

Expert in heat shrink tubing technology

Ensto has made significant investments in world-class heat shrink tubing technology. The three-layer co-extrusion allows a wide production range of special tube types and sizes, and the expander with pre- and post-rollers eliminates length change of tubes during the production process. All the plastics compound recipes for adhesive, insulating, semi-conductive, stress control, and anti-tracking are developed in house.

In the current challenging world situation, a remarkable advantage for Ensto is that it buys the tube raw materials in Finland and makes the compounding of the granulate mass by itself. This together with strict quality control guarantees the excellent and guaranteed quality of the shrinkable plastic tubes for underground cable networks.

CPEEPL Heavy wall heat shrink tubes for underground

  • Tested and produced in Porvoo, Finland, European Union
  • Own Ensto design and expertise in heat shrink tube technology
  • Superior raw materials and compound recipes developed in house.