Full Covered Conductor Solution – Even better protection for MV CC overhead line

Ensto has published a new handbook for Medium Voltage (MV) Covered Conductor (CC) overhead lines to offer a solution to minimize the distribution interruptions caused by lightning, tree branches or wildlife. Solution includes not only products but ready-made structures for various pole types in MV CC overhead lines.

Continuous supply of electricity has become a key factor in current society. This, and tightened attitudes towards interruptions in supply of electricity, e.g. in form of compensation costs, has led electricity suppliers to invest in distribution networks. Growing trend of looking things also from the ethical point of view has led to protecting not only the line but also wildlife from dangers of electricity. The reliability of covered conductor line is based on four main points that must be of high quality: line designers, line installers, conductors and accessories.


FCCS Handbook has been made to ease the job of line designers and it includes:

  • Short theory about covered conductor lines in general and line protection methods from overvoltage and wildlife
  • Pole structure photos from various structures with both protection methods and number-positioned products to help identification
  • Product catalogue with necessary information
  • Limits of service for crossarms (acc. to Finnish regulations)
  • Regulation tables for conductors
  • Information about installation videos


All products chosen to this solution are tested acc. to valid EN or IEC standards and they have been chosen to achieve high quality in distribution of electricity. Current limiting device protection (CLD) is the greatest example of interruption-free distribution as overvoltage caused by e.g. lightning will not cause any interruption at all in a line that is protected with CLD!


Full Covered Conductor Solution (FCCS) handbook

How to minimize the distribution interruptions by FCCS? Download Full covered conductor solution (FCCS) handbook

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