Ensto's network automation solutions expand to Estonia!

When the goal is to effectively reduce the duration of electrical outages in electricity distribution network, it is worth to have a look on Ensto's smart network automation solutions. Elektrolevi, Estonian distribution system operator, did so and decided to make a pilot with Auguste load break switch disconnector (LBS) in their network. The first of all 11 Auguste LBS was installed in the network in the early March and the rest will be installed during coming year.

– Elektrilevi chose Ensto's Auguste LBS, because it was technically the best solution for the areas where risk of electrical outages or line failures is high, says Reijo Tamm, Estonian Area Sales Manager from Ensto.

In the event of a fault, the LBS automatically disconnects the part of the network after the switch and limits the amount of the customers facing the fault, which helps on improving SAIDI and SAIFI indexes

Easy and smooth commissioning

LBS project in Estonia began with the pilot installation in the medium-voltage overhead line network in the village of Kuusiku-Nõmme in Rapla county on March 4th. With the help of Ensto’s Estonian sales team, contractor Saare Elektroservis OÜ made the installation without problems while people from Elektrilevi and Enefit Connect OÜ were following the first installation to their network.

The installation went as planned and at the end of the day both manual open – close operation as well remote control via Elektrilevi SCADA system were successfully tested and LBS completely commissioned.

– Maintenance free Auguste load break switch disconnector is good and durable solution for Elektrilevi and will help them to reduce interruption time their customer face. Next installations will take place soon at the island Muhu and Pärnu county area, says Reijo Tamm.

There are already several thousand Auguste load break switch disconnectors in the world. Read more about smart and durable solution that is suitable for all kinds of environmental and climatic conditions (humidity, sand, ice, snow, high places, industrial pollution, areas with a large dense bird population).

Ensto recommends using the new e-RTU Control Command device with Auguste LBS. It is equipped with cyber-security functionalities and redundancy of communication with two possible protocol to improve the observability of the network. 

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