Ensto Vulcano functions under fire

Set it on fire. It still works fine.

In case of fire in a public space, the first priority is evacuation to safety. Patients are removed from hospitals, passengers escorted from airports, or industrial plants cleared of workers.

Ensto Vulcano, one of the industry’s most durable junction boxes for fire resistant circuits, buys time for rescue workers to perform this important evacuation work. Ensto Vulcano can provide up to 90 precious life-saving minutes, keeping electricity flowing, safety lighting systems operational, and water pressure systems intact.

Leveraging years of Ensto experience with enclosures for hazardous environments, Ensto Vulcano junction boxes give designers new flexibility and options in making sure their buildings comply with directives and standards and are as safe as they can possibly be.

Still working above 1,000 degrees

Ensto Vulcano is designed to be used in cable systems with system circuit integrity. “We wanted a product for the extreme environment of fire safety,” says Riitta Seeck, Ensto Product Manager. “And Ensto is the only Nordic manufacturer to offer one.”

Ensto Vulcano’s ceramic terminals are so durable they could be used again after a thousand-degree fire bath. When the temperature reaches 1,000 degrees Celsius, plastic enclosures have melted away, but Ensto’s special metal alloy terminals inside ceramic housings retain their shape and continue to function.

The product meets the German standard DIN 4102-12 and keeps electricity flowing for periods up to 90 minutes in order to keep, for example, safety lighting systems and water pressure systems intact.

Even faster installation

Vulcano breaks new ground in installation, as well. “Typically,” says Seeck, “this type of product comes like a Lego toy, loose parts stuffed in a plastic bag. Ensto Vulcano terminals come already mounted in their enclosures, the only separate parts being screw anchors.”

Tapping terminals are another advantage in installation. One terminal has incoming conductor space and three outgoing spaces. “This eliminates the need to put many conductors under one screw,” explains Seeck.

Because life matters

Roman myth instructs that Vulcan, god of fire, made a helmet for Pluto, a trident for Neptune, and the armor of Achilles and Aeneas. It’s said he taught men the malleability and polishing of metals. And he would surely be pleased that Ensto has produced a legendarily durable fire protection junction box worthy of the Vulcan name.

Because life matters Ensto Vulcano will find a home wherever people gather and equipment with function maintenance is critical.

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