Ensto Saga - The Story of Light

Ensto Saga is an outdoor luminaire, in which high quality light technical solution and design meet. Symmetric and asymmetric light distribution enables energy efficient lighting solution according to the specific needs of the project. Due to the innovative reflector solution, modern control technology and luminous efficacy Saga is an excellent choice for various surroundings.

Ensto Saga is designed by Ville Kokkonen together with Ensto Lighting product development team. Saga fits perfectly to different types of outdoor areas, giving the final touch with light. Saga is beautiful also in daylight when its figures are visible and highlighted.

Ensto Saga will be made in two different versions 42W and 30W with light output of 4500 lm and 3000 lm. IP65 protection class and IK10 impact class will guarantee Saga's suitability to all public areas.

Ensto Saga is available for project deliveries in May 2017.

Product card (pdf)

Ensto Saga - The Story of Light video

Ensto Saga video