Ensto Phase Balancer - Power balance

Ensto launches its third Power Electronics product called Phase Balancer. It is designed to correct unbalanced load in three phase networks, increase short circuit current and reduce flicker and harmonic content (THD). Ensto Phase Balancer balances your power. 

Electricity is a part of our everyday life more than ever before and consumers expect to get it without interruptions as they use many different electronic devices daily. Phase Balancer helps consumers to get better power quality and reduces the number of complaints and sanctions against electricity distribution companies. 

Ensto Phase Balancer is designed to give you power balance and to be connected in parallel with 3-phase low voltage networks where voltage fluctuations are most frequent. Typical imbalance problem is caused by single phase load that leads to large voltage variations in networks, especially in long lines. Ensto Phase Balancer has been designed to endure harsh climate conditions and still has long lifetime. 

Our offer includes two models, standard and AVD-model. Both devices offer same functional elements to fix disturbances in low voltage grids. Advanced version offers extra features e.g. grid integrity monitoring and option for communication. Both versions are protected against overloading and will recover automatically without distribution company intervention. AVD-model will available in the beginning of 2017.


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