Ensto`s new composite line post insulator is conquering the world!

The goal for SDI82.2M20 composite line post insulator design is to make the installation as easy and fast as possible. Pulling wheels and helical ties are not needed anymore when installing the insulator to medium voltage overhead line. The conductor can be pulled directly through the insulator's plastic neck. Can the installation get any easier?

– The first installations have now been made in the North of Sweden. The linemen have been satisfied with the insulator because of the easy installation of the conductor. There is no need for pulling wheels, even in small angles. Pulling wheels need to be handled with care to make them work in the right way, otherwise they will not work as planned, says Peter Melander from Ensto Sweden.


The new SDI82.2M20 composite line post insulator has many benefits:

  • Easier and faster to install: Separate pulling wheels or helical ties are not required. The tightening of the conductor in the insulator can be done quickly with an wing nut.
  • Safe and undisturbed: The upper part of the insulating plastic makes the installation safe and prevents the formation of corona.
  • Durable and long lasting: The composite material has excellent electrical properties and UV protection.
  • The material is self-cleaning.




Part of the Full Covered Conductor Solution (FCCS)

SDI82.2M20 is part of the FCCS product range. FCCS and products are compiled in an FCCS handbook designed by our experts. The FCCS handbook is an excellent tool for network design.

Download the handbook now and learn more of the FCCS, which offers even better protection for lines compared to the traditional CC (covered conductor). The FCCS is very cost-effective because of the lower maintenance costs and more reliable power grid.

Download FCCS Handbook


Useful installation instructions

Ensto has done a lot of work to make more user-friendly installation instructions which are found in all the product packages and on Ensto website. The user-friendly instructions are textless and clearly illustrated. Look how easy the composite post line insulator is to install!

Installation instructions

Installation video


For more information, please contact Ensto sales.


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