Ensto All-in-One - Why make things complicated?

Ensto takes cold shrink joint installation to a new level: The new All-in-One joints for 12-36 kV combine all the necessary components together for a fool-proof installation. There are so many complicated tasks around us - we want to make your work as simple as possible.

Each underground cable installation phase requires skills and concentration for a superb end result. The accessories can either complicate or simplify the installation work.

Ensto All-in-One joints guarantee a successful end result as the critical components are always set correctly.

Wide usage area

Ensto All-in-One is suitable for all the most commonly used single-core cables. The first products of the All-in-One series cover the voltages from 12 to 36 kV and the cross-sections of 70 - 240 mm².

Easy as 1-2-3

The Ensto All-in-One joints save your time and energy also with their three-step installation:

  1. Positioning and removing inner spiral
  2. Connecting copper braid to cable screen with constant force springs
  3. Removing spiral of two sealing tubes

Thanks to their compact structure, the joints require only a short cable opening length and parking space. All-in-One joints can be installed in cold temperatures as low as -25ºC.

Tested quality

We perform continuous testing with follow-up in production. This includes, for example, material analysis, voltage tests and partial discharge measurements.

All our cold shrink products are tested according to HD 629 standard.