Cable marking plate PEM453 now compatible with marking tapes

Ensto cable marking plate PEM453 has been updated to be compatible with marking tapes width of 12mm which are used e.g. in Dymo and Brother devices.

The marking plate is used for marking the identification data on the cable. It can be attached to a cable by using for instance a cable tie of max 7mm (width). The plate has grooved holders for three pieces of labeling tape strips with width of 12mm and length of max 75mm.

The strip can be put in place without revealing the adhesive layer by sliding the strip into the holder sideways. If the adhesive layer is revealed, the strip can be pushed in its place by forcing it straight into the holder. In this case a small slotted screwdriver or a knife blade may be used to get the strip edges well inside the holder grooves.

The cable marking plate is made of grey PE. The cable tie and the marking tape are not included to the package.