New cable connectors and lugs – screw design with stepless shearing!

Excellent screw design with stepless shearing, and excellent installation experience, says Product Manager Patrick Ekholm. Even the smallest details in the new medium voltage cable connectors and lugs are now polished, and the first three sizes 10-95 mm², 25-150 mm² and 50-240 mm² are ready and in production. The entire connector and lug families will include sizes from 10 to 1000 mm². The rest of the sizes will be ready during the years 2021-2022.

The benefits of the products are clear and top high-class. The connectors and lugs have a screw design with stepless shearing – the screw always breaks at the correct point during installation. This is important, because underground cable installations are often made under very challenging conditions.

The electrical properties of the shapes are optimized by simulations – the effect of the electric field is minimized at each location and there are no sharp edges at all. One of the newest features is a connectors' semi-conductive cap, which makes the connector installation faster and it's not needed to add mastic in the screw holes.

The products are type tested according to newest IEC 61238-1-3:2018 standard (new standard for MV connectors and lugs) in Ensto's own accredited laboratory. This ensures high quality of the products.

Innovative and excellent design:

  • screw design with step less shearing
  • semi-conductive cap
  • semi-conductive centering rings.

Fast and easy installation:

  • always correct cut-off point
  • no need of hammering or grinding the screw after break.

Wide application range:

  • heat and cold shrink accessories
  • aluminum and copper conductors
  • round and sector shape conductors
  • solid and stranded conductors.


New connectors and lugs replace the connector/lug series SMJ/SML:

CA95SB2   10-95 mm² replaces SMJ1.27


25-150 mm²  replaces M50-150 
CA240SB4 50-240 mm² replaces SMJ2.47
LA95N13SB1 10-95 mm², ø13 replaces SML1.17
LA95N17SB1 10-95 mm², ø17 replaces SML1.172
LA150N13SB2 25-150 mm², ø13 replaces C50-150 
LA150N17SB2 25-150 mm², ø17 New size!
LA240N13SB2 50-240 mm², ø13 replaces SML2.27
LA240N17SB2 50-240 mm², ø17 replaces SML2.272











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