AVR320 – New Wireless Radio and Complete Control

AVR320 family is growing with radio control feature. Being one of the most selling luminaire series in the Nordics, AVR320 keeps on getting new points on its list of useful features.

Wireless Radio (RF)
AVR320 is now available with internal, wireless radio control. Wireless Radio enables communication between AVR320 luminaires for example in staircases and corridor use. Radio (RF) is a perfect solution when renovating old buildings as connective cable is not needed.

Lighting your way
AVR320 with Radio can be grouped in 32 different ways. Grouping gives a lot of possibilities to create "paths of light" LEDing your way ahead of you. PIR sensor will detect you movement in the premises and Radio will make sure that not only the group of that PIR luminaire will light but also one ahead and one behind you. This will ensure that your path is clear all the way.

Complete Control
Radio is just the newest way to control light. AVR320 –serie is a versatile family of different features. PIR and Radar movement detection possibilities with base light actions are something we are famous of. On/off, push button, 1-10V or DALI, all can be found from AVR320 range. Just to add battery back-up and numerous accessories, AVR320 gives you Complete Control over light in your premises.

More information about different variations can be found from here:

AVR320 product information

AVR320 product card (pdf)