ActiveAhead - Your office in a smart light!

Ensto presents new DPML modular luminaire and Alpo LED with new constantly learning smart solution. ActiveAhead 1.0 by Helvar can be integrated to new Ensto luminaires already today. Ensto is the first lighting manufacturer to introduce ActiveAhead as a part of our portfolio with wide range of lighting solutions. We are proud about the level of trust and cooperation between these two companies, having a mutual goal towards the best lighting driven experience with wireless connectivity without compromising the quality of light.

Ensto DPML and Alpo LED are the first product families which can be equipped with ActiveAhead 1.0. Luminaires are wirelessly connected to each other giving information about the movement in the premises. As soon as the luminaires are powered up, they start learning. After few days of operation, they start to predict the movement, lighting up or dimming down luminance levels depending on need. And they keep on learning throughout their lifetime, not limited by changes in the open spaces or offices. The results are real, energy saving raises to a new level and you'll never walk to a dark space again.

Ensto luminaires are great as standard, but you will be amazed what you can do with integrated solutions like ActiveAhead!


Alpo LED