Results of the Ensto Utility Networks' customer satisfaction survey

In January - February 2015, Ensto Utility Networks carried out a customer satisfaction survey. The practical execution of the survey was handled by Innolink Research Ltd. The survey was carried out via the Internet, and the research is based on 394 customers’ evaluations from 14 countries. Many thanks to all the participants!

Service level has improved

According to the survey results Ensto’s service level has improved within the last two years. Altogether 56 percent of the respondents state that service level has improved noticeably or a little. The result is even slightly better than the corresponding result from year 2013 (54%).

Personal relationships are appreciated

Altogether 86 percent of the respondents evaluate the personal relationship with Ensto excellent/good, and the amount of excellent-responses has increased by 6 percent points from 2013. The positive experience with Ensto is visible also regarding purchases: nearly all the respondents are willing to purchase from Ensto again in the future – 80 percent will purchase certainly and 19 percent with certain conditions.

Technical expertise and ability to keep promises highly successful

In the line of business of Ensto, the most important factors for respondents are: ability to keep promises, product quality, technical expertise, reliability of deliveries and ease of co-operation.

According to respondents, Ensto has succeeded especially well in the following factors: technical expertise, ability to keep promises, willingness to be of service (contact person), product quality and willingness to be of service (customer service).

The customer satisfaction has remained at the same good level compared to year 2013. However, according to customers there are few factors to be improved in the future. Those factors mainly relate to pricing and deliveries. Customer feedback is very important when developing our actions and service. Many thanks to all respondents - we hope to receive your valuable contribution in the future as well.

All respondents were entered in a draw for Ensto eDual-luminaires. The winners of the raffle will be informed about their prizes personally. Congratulations!