Kaarel Suuk received the award of Young Manager in Estonia

At a ceremony held in the White Hall of the Estonian National Opera, Tallinn Director’s Club handed over an award of “The Young Manager of the Year” to the manager of technology company Ensto Ensek, Kaarel Suuk. The aim of the award is to recognize the important role of young managers in our society.

According to the President of Tallinn Director’s Club, Sven Pertens, the board of the club decided to award Kaarel Suuk due to his personal qualities as a top manager, motivation to develop professionally and excellent reputation. “Kaarel Suuk deserves this award for having worked at one company in different positions and constantly proven to the owners of the company his competencies, his will to work, capability to develop and respect for coworkers, while having received the trust to lead the company,” Pertens stated.

According to the President of the club, Ensto Ensek is considerably large company in Estonia, considering the size of its personnel, sales results or export. “The manager of this company has a huge responsibility: in front of the company owners regarding the profitability and continuity of the company, in front of the personnel regarding maintaining the jobs, continuous development and creating the motivation, in front of business partners regarding assuring the fulfilling of one’s obligations, in front of the officials regarding necessary requirements and so on,” Pertnes described.

While receiving the award, Kaarel Suuk, the Young Manager of the Year, brought out that this is a recognition to the whole company. “I have been lucky to have the opportunity to work in Ensto and as MD of the company. It feels great to receive the award, but I would definitely not be here today if I did not have such organization and such team - it has been a great journey. The success depends on teamwork. My job is rather to inspire our people to think boldly and creatively. I believe it is important to take your work positively, desire to make a difference, believe in yourself and to have a good organizational culture. The skills can always be learned and improved,” Suuk brought out. He is sure that the greatest value of the company lies in engaging the employees - only satisfied employee makes the company successful.

Kaarel Suuk has worked in Ensto Group for 15 years and been in different positions in customer care, sales unit and logistics, and has lead LEAN-projects in Group’s factories. Suuk has been responsible of Keila factory as Plant Director since 2015 and became the Managing Director of Ensto Estonia in 2018.

Tallinn Director’s Club is handing out the awards of “The Young Manager of the Year”  since 2013. The award is handed out to the top managers under 40, who are leading the successful company in Tallinn or Harju country. Last year, the club awarded Tõnu Uusmaa, the Chairman of the Board of Tallink Takso AS.