Ensto supports UN Women to help develop girls' technological skills in Africa

On the International Day of the Girl, we celebrate the rights of girls and highlight the obstacles, discrimination and violence faced by girls. This year, Ensto wants to support the digital education of African girls and at the same time increase girls’ technological skills.

The technology sector is highly gendered worldwide:

  • Narrow gender norms and prejudices make it difficult for girls to access and enthusiastic about technology
  • Especially in the poorest countries, girls and women have much less access to the Internet and own technological devices, such as smartphones, than men.

Technological solutions reflect their developers. It is therefore important for both the girls themselves and the technology industry that girls around the world are developing technological solutions.

We are proud to support UN Women to help girls across Africa be trained in programming, other IT skills, and critical soft skills in working life, such as leadership. The donations from Ensto and other companies will address the root causes of technology problems, for example by breaking gender stereotypes through media campaigns highlighting women in technology, and by changing countries' national curricula to include girls in coding and IT education.

We want to help to ensure that girls’ place really is as coders, technology developers, technology users, and wherever girls ever want! Let's all join the celebration of the International Day of the Girl, and make sure we all have uniform rights to develop ourselves.