Ensto has sold Ensto Enervent to EM Group

Ensto Oy has sold the entire share capital of Ensto Enervent Oy, a manufacturer of energy-efficient ventilation units, to EM Group Oy, the parent company of Ensto, with the transaction made on 31st of August 2016. In connection with the acquisition, a part of Ensto Enervent’s management has acquired minority of Ensto Enervent’s shares.

The acquisition brings clarity towards markets and customers because Ensto Enervent operates in ventilation business, whereas Ensto mainly focuses in electrification business. Ensto Enervent's annual turnover has represented about 4% of the total turnover of Ensto.

The businesses will continue as usual and personnel will continue in their duties.

More information

Ari Virtanen
Ensto Group
+358 20 476 2440

Martti Timgren
EM Group Oy
+358 20 476 3552

Jukka Riekkinen
Managing Director
Ensto Enervent Oy
+358 40 518 0899

EM Group is a Finnish family company that owns and develops international enterprises and real estate activities. In total, the companies of the EM Group employ some 1700 people in 20 countries. The Group’s turnover is around €290 million.

Ensto is part of EM Group and international cleantech company specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of electrical systems and supplies for the distribution of electrical power as well as electrical applications. Established by Ensio Miettinen in 1958, we are a family business with 1,600 employees in Europe and Asia. The company’s turnover was €263 million in 2015. Ensto has three key business units: Ensto Electrification, Ensto Lighting and Ensto Utility Networks. In addition, Ensto has a distinct business: Chago, focusing on electric vehicle charging solutions.

Ensto Enervent has manufactured ventilation units for over 30 years. All manufacturing is done in Porvoo, Finland. Controlling the indoor climate as a whole has been Ensto Enervent’s mission from the start: priorities are in health and comfort in addition to fresh air and energy efficiency. Ensto Enervent employs ~70 persons and has been a part of Ensto Group since 2009.