Ensto Building Systems will have a new owner in Legrand – stronger presence and offering across all markets and product areas

Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, has acquired the Ensto Building Systems (EBS) in a transaction that strengthens EBS’ offering across all markets and product areas.

To ensure the future growth and business development of the Ensto Building Systems, the owners of Ensto have made a strategic decision to let Ensto Building Systems to develop further with the new owner Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures.

Jukka Tiitu, President and Managing Director of Ensto Building Systems, sees the transaction as natural continuation in the development of Ensto Building Systems. “The transaction serves perfectly Ensto Building Systems’ strategy to become the leading player in the Nordics and in selected niche markets.” says Tiitu, and continues: “In Legrand, we will have a dedicated owner who has a great track-record of supporting businesses like ours, which enables us to develop all our seven product areas even further.”

Dedication to customers and product excellence continues with greater resources

The transaction enables Ensto Building Systems to have greater resources to support their dedicated customer teams and product development. “Our day-to-day operations remain the same under this new ownership and we will continue operating under the Ensto brand. Our customers are served by the same dedicated teams as before and we continue to develop our seven product areas according to their strengths. In other words – the same dedication to customers and product excellence will carry on, only with greater resources.” Tiitu states.

“Of course, this is a big change for the whole of Ensto, but for Ensto Building Systems, I only see the positives: increased focus and opportunities to serve our customers even better, broader shoulders to develop our offering, and access to new growth opportunities for our customers, partners, and employees.” Tiitu continues.

The contract between Ensto and Legrand has been signed on July 16th, 2021. The completion of the transaction remains subject to customary conditions precedent. As a part of the transaction, Ensto and Legrand have made a license agreement for the use of the Ensto brand in connection with Ensto Building Systems.

“Our team at Ensto Building Systems is really excited about this transaction and the benefits it will bring to our customers and partners. We see this as an exciting chapter in the Ensto Building System’s growth story.” Tiitu closes.