60 years and more than 60 acts!

In 2018 we celebrated Ensto's 60th birthday by engaging in 60 acts to make the world a better place. And we certainly did!

It truly was a year to remember as all Ensto countries contributed and shared good with local communities. We ended up realizing over 60 acts, altogether 63 good acts for better life and for a better future, and affected hundreds and hundreds of lives during the year.

Let's go back to last year once more and take a look at a wrap-up of all 63 acts – and be proud of what we achieved together!


You can read all the 63 stories at ensto.com/60acts.

Thank you everyone who has taken part in our anniversary journey and helped us in speading good around us! With the small or bigger acts, we worked together for better life and a better future.