The 007 of Ensto's Market Intelligence

I am a British-Italian citizen and I moved to Finland for "romantic reasons" about 10 years ago. I grew up in the North of Italy, where I graduated in Economics and followed that up with an MBA and a Masters in International Studies while working in the Organizational Development area in the banking sector. I then moved to England where I worked for about 13 years as a Market Intelligence Analyst in the Building Services area. When it comes to electricity, I can barely change a light bulb.

Alone but not Lonely

The position of Market Intelligence Analyst within Ensto’s organization was introduced about a year ago. Although I am the only person in the company in this role, I feel much part of a team of wonderful and talented people. Even though I joined Ensto in a COVID world, working remotely has never made me feel "isolated". Alone in my role, but not lonely in any way.

Pleasant Coincidence

My career at Ensto started through a fortunate coincidence. I knew the company from my previous work, and as the job ad and task description looked interesting, I applied. As I am fascinated by physics and electrical engineering, I truly appreciate the vast technical expertise of my colleagues at Ensto.

The first year has flown, busy with several tasks like setting up a Market Intelligence area in the company, answering specific needs coming from all areas, all levels, and all geographies of Ensto’s multinational organization. The activity is very interesting and rewarding and I have been building up my expertise in the field of electricity distribution.

Internal International Customers

My previous working experience in Market Intelligence gave me the opportunity to travel for business to many parts of the world, learn about different markets, meet companies also in the electricity field in the Middle East, South-East Asia, South Korea, Japan, Australia and of course Europe and the Nordics in particular. Nevertheless, the results of my past job were for the benefit of the customers who would purchase market intelligence reports. In my new role at Ensto I can have the results of my work used internally, adding purpose, and meaning to my role and possibilities to grow further professionally. I like being able to support my colleagues in various business intelligence needs.

MI: Market Intelligence or Mission Impossible?

Gathering information, analyzing it, giving insights and estimates can be challenging. My worksite is the enormous amount of information of which I distill and organize the most relevant data for each occasion, in understandable format and with easy access. It is important that the data can truly be used for decision making. I sometimes joke that MI stands for "Market Intelligence" and not for "Mission Impossible". In my fantasy world I am James Bond, at the Services of His/Her Majesty Ensto.

"Keep Your Hands in Your Pockets"

As a guy with no background in electrical engineering, the best advice I was given was when I participated in the introductory testing laboratory tour where electrical cables and components get tested by our experts: "Keep your hands in your pockets. Don’t touch anything". I militarily obeyed and I am grateful for that advice. This also tells a lot about the easygoing atmosphere among the Ensto colleagues.

Skilled Team, Winning Team

Different skills are needed to create a winning team. Understanding, valuing, and coordinating those skills is the Leader´s challenge. I feel I am in a winning team! And when I say team, I mean the whole company and not only my closest Ensto people I interact with.

Piero Russo

The writer of the blog, Piero Russo, works as Market Intelligence Analyst at Ensto in Finland.