Team Player Managing Supply Chain

It is now five years since I have worked for Ensto. I started in 2017 as the Supply Chain Manager in Novexia, France. l hold a master’s degree in global supply management and have always worked in that field. After graduating I worked for a distribution company, and soon after deciding to start looking for new challenges I found Ensto. I did not have earlier experience in electricity but as early as in the job interview got inspired by it. For me the idea of giving something to people to make their life better is motivating. With Ensto’s products it truly is possible!

Versatile Workdays

As the Supply Chain Manager for Novexia markets I am responsible for both Villefranche-sur-Saône and Bagnères-de-Bigorre sites. My task is to make sure that our customers are happy with the supply chain, and to develop and improve the processes according to need. This is sometimes a bit challenging as our network automation products are quite special! We customize the products, and the customer needs vary a great deal depending on many things, for example country or market. That brings some puzzling to the supply chain as the products are not ready on the warehouse shelf. My days are very versatile, and I enjoy solving problems. The most important success indicator is of course the customer satisfaction.

Teamwork is King

I would not succeed in my work without my team. Or actually: teams in plural as I work closely together with the sales, after sales, management, procurement, and production teams. What I really like about Ensto is that we make the decisions together. This is possible as we have common goals to pursue, in line with the company strategy and the vision. The supply chain touches all functions in the company, and for me it is important to reach the targets together.

Virus Proved the Power of Togetherness

The coronavirus proved that we can succeed even in demanding circumstances. I am proud of us as we were able to continue delivering to our customers regardless of the many ad hoc challenges we faced. Everyone was working together to guarantee the availability of raw materials and adapt our production to new conditions. We developed new ways of operating as we just had to test many things and find new solutions. We learned a lot and we learned that if we truly want, then yes, we can! I am happy about that.

Growing Skills in Sync with Values

During the years I have grown especially in the management skills. This is thanks to the Ensto values: I have been trusted and given responsibility. Today, I feel a lot more confident because I have been able to try and develop various things, operating models, and processes. I find that Ensto offers me a very good environment to gain more experience and develop my skills and knowledge. I can both take care of the customers and the environment – not only regarding the products but also the sustainable supply chain.

Great Place to Work

Here at Ensto, the spirit is very humane, and working is fun! In a medium-size company everyone knows one another, the hierarchy is low and the transparency high. I appreciate the fact that there is a very strong view on the direction the company is heading. My colleagues are great: professional and enthusiastic and made my onboarding easy and comfortable. It is interesting that the Miettinen family is so actively involved in the company – not only as owners but also in operative roles.

Leisure Time Filled with MiniGP

I am 38 years old, live close to Villefranche-sur-Saône in France and have two sons. Even if I love riding a motorcycle, my own vehicle is mainly standing still as my free time is filled with my sons’ hobbies. The elder one is racing in the France MiniGP motorcycle championships, which Ensto sponsors. My task is to act as the mechanic and chauffeur.

Jean-Louis Alcazar

The writer of the blog works as Supply Chain Manager at Ensto in France.