Hotel electric car charging - the benefits for customers and businesses

Is your hotel business meeting the needs of work and leisure EV drivers?

Corporate fleets, car rentals and other drivers are switching to electric cars and plug-in hybrids. NextGreenCar reports that there are now over 80,000 light duty electric vehicles on the UK roads alone (2016).

The problem for business people and holidaymakers driving electric cars is range anxiety. They need charging points en route. Electric car drivers will continue to be attracted to the shopping centres, car parks and hotels that offer electric vehicle charging. This is a problem – and an opportunity.

Together, we can end range anxiety, give your guests peace of mind, and help you attract new customers. There are also great opportunities for hotels and chains to combine charging with reward cards and loyalty schemes to enhance the customer experience.

Hotel electric car charging can support your business’ sustainability goals. You can contribute to lower CO2 emissions, improved air quality and reduced noise pollution.


How can your business benefit from hotel electric car charging? 

  • Profit from fee-based charging or offer as a complimentary service
  • Attract new eco-tourism and electric car driver premium guests
  • Increase revenue per available room
  • Get your business featured in leading map services and navigation systems
  • Get higher ratings in your hotel classification system
  • Get more positive reviews in popular travel sites
  • Improved customer experience and increased loyalty
  • Build charging into loyalty or reward schemes
  • Position your hotel as green and stand out as a leader in sustainability 

Invest in your hotel's future

You have to make hundreds of decisions, when building Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Make sure that you make the right decisions - the kind that save you money instead of losing it. Get your complimentary copy of our request for proposal template.


What does EV charging with Ensto mean for hotel guests?

  • An end to electric vehicle range anxiety
  • Easy-to-use EV charging for the most popular electric cars
  • Easy RFID tag-based access and authentication
  • Easy app-based payment or free/complimentary charging
  • A seamless, premium customer experience


What makes the Ensto ecosystem such a good fit for hotel businesses?

  • Turnkey solutions – Ensto full service offer designed for hotels
  • Low lifetime OPEX costs
  • Award-winning, compact and attractive charging point designs, like the single/dual Ensto Wallbox EV charging point
  • Modular units with a choice of popular configurations
  • Reliable charging point hardware and cloud-based software
  • Easy installation, pre-commissioning and maintenance (all included in our full service offer)
  • Ensto EV Cloud web-based charging point management software for easy load management, remote monitoring and reporting
  • Add EV charger status, usage and controls to your own mobile app via our API
  • OCPP compliance for easy integration with third party back-end systems
  • Ensto is Europe's leading EV charging station manufacturer and part of the global Ensto cleantech group


Take the next step with hotel electric car charging

Depending on the size and type of your hotel or hospitality business, there are different ev charging solutions that might be the right fit. Some businesses need an out-of-the-box solution with self-management, and others require back-end integrations, third party management and different specialist suppliers.

We have experience working with large chains and individual sites, and with different resellers, charging network operators, payment systems providers etc.