From University to the Deep End at Ensto

When I joined Ensto, I was yet to realize what a great journey I was starting in this company! I hadn't really thought about the importance of the electrical industry, but when I worked in the business for one summer, I began to realize how important my contribution could be for sustainable development and, in fact, for the whole world. I wanted to work for a company that mirrors my values, and that’s how I found Ensto. The warm culture that comes from being a family-owned company impressed me from the get-go and I got the feeling that collaboration is valued and would be easy due to low hierarchies. It is important to me that we at Ensto do good together with concrete actions: We really are working for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Extensive Human Resources Development

I am originally from Kotka and moved to the Helsinki metropolitan area in 2018 to study at the University of Applied Sciences. I graduated with a degree in organizational development and human resource management. In spring 2022, I started at Ensto as an HR assistant and about a year ago I was made HR Coordinator. In February 2024 I became an HR Generalist.

My work is very varied, wide-ranging, and fun! Mainly I focus on developing Human Resources at the Group level, including HR linked systems and processes. I support our leaders in recruitment and other people related work, such as development discussions and onboarding. Together with the Communications team, I am responsible for Ensto's employer branding and its development, which means that I participate in various recruitment and student events. In addition to these, a big focus area is supporting our people's well-being.

Value-based Everyday Life

Our people are a top priority at Ensto. When we do any planning, decision making or development actions in HR, we always think about what is best and easiest for end users and, ultimately, for all Ensto employees. This genuinely applies to all areas of my work. What makes this possible is that our management is committed to our people, and they fully support our efforts in HR. Customer orientation is of utmost importance to us, and our customers are all Ensto people. We work in close cooperation with other departments and functions to make sure that all Ensto people are considered. Every day, we keep sustainability, responsibility, diversity, and sense of community in mind.

Pleasant Surprises in the Deep End

I didn't expect that Ensto would give me such a great opportunity to learn, grow and develop myself. Even though I didn’t have a lot of previous work experience in HR, my skills were trusted in such a way that I was given a lot of responsibility and diverse, meaningful, and challenging tasks right from the start. I’ve been able to do everything I've wanted. Successes have also been rewarded, which is very motivating. I feel like I was put straight into the deep end, but firmly supported so that I learned to swim myself. I have already gained so much from these years and am truly grateful for my experiences. Of course, it has been stressful at times to learn new things, but most of all there has been a huge amount of development. I have learned e.g. about decision-making, managing my own time and work, developing logical thinking, etc. And all that because I have been able to participate in absolutely everything we do.

Spring is for development and students

Spring and fall are usually the times when a lot of my focus is on young professionals. Our goal at Ensto is to connect summer employees with the jobs that best suit them and support students on their growth journey. During the spring we also continue to develop the HR systems, increase the sense of community, and support the well-being of Ensto's employees.

Meeting with and getting to know young professionals is very important to me. I am a young woman myself, and I came to Ensto practically straight from school. Electrical industry has traditionally been a male dominated field, but I’ve never felt like that at Ensto. My skills and expertise are appreciated, I am trusted, listened to, and respected. I will do my best to ensure that all Ensto employees will experience the same.


Anniina Haltsonen

The writer of this blog works as a HR Generalist at Ensto in Finland.


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