From Overhead Line Guy to Two-Technology Expert

It’s a bit funny to admit that originally, I kind of drifted to electricity field. I went to the technical school after which I worked as line installer in utilities during the summer holidays – I studied electrical engineering, liked that, and graduated.

Twenty years, various positions, one unit

More than 20 years ago I joined Ensto’s electricity distribution unit – and still work in the same unit today. However, I started my career in the Finnish sales team, moved to the export sales some years later and then landed on product management. Many of our customers see me as an overhead line guy as for a long time I was working solely with overhead line products. Today, though, I have vast experience in the underground cable solutions and consult with the customers which technology is worth using on each occasion.

Field experience brings understanding

In my current work it’s vital to have hands-on experience in installing the products in the field in authentic conditions. I am responsible for the product management of Ensto’s underground cable and overhead line accessories and would not succeed in my work without understanding the true customer needs. Of course, they must be revised continuously and that is why I’m happy to have close cooperation with our sales team on daily basis to keep updated on what kind of products and with which features the customers require.

Versatile set of tasks

Our team of product managers and product specialists manages Ensto’s product portfolio and works closely with the product development. In addition to always baring the customer’s voice in mind, we must pay attention to costs, sustainability, and competitiveness, too. It’s not always an easy job but I enjoy challenges and together we can do it! One of our most important tasks is to update the product information including technical product data, certificates, and installation instructions. For years I have participated in various European standardization groups, for example related to the medium voltage covered conductor standard.

My values: positive feedback and trust

During my years at Ensto I have experienced and learned a lot. I have gained technical knowledge, learned teamwork skills and over the past six years management and leadership skills. Today I listen more carefully and care about how people feel and how they are doing. I also try to give regular feedback: mostly positive but also supportive critique where needed. I believe that happy employees are also the most productive ones – for the best of all parties. Trust is important for me, and I believe that when the goal is clear, there is motivation and good mood, people do their job well – even brilliantly. My job is to help and support where needed.

Development and customer feedback

For me it is very interesting to be able to participate in continuous development of not only the products but also the ways of working. There are so many aspects that can be developed – only the sky as the limit. In general, it feels good to work with a clean form of energy – electricity! What motivates me the most is to be able to solve customers’ problems. One example is our full covered conduction solution that can remarkably decrease the risk of wildfires when the old bare conductors are replaced by it. This is topical as the climate change increases the amount of bush fires globally.

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Petteri Pulkkinen

The writer of the blog, Petteri Pulkkinen, works as Manager of Product Management at Ensto DSO. He is responsible for the product management of Ensto’s underground cable and overhead line networks.