From a Small-Town Girl in India to Global Sourcing Data Analyst for Ensto

I was born and brought up in a small town in India, where I spent my early years with my family. After elementary school I left the town to pursue a better life with additional possibilities for better-quality education. That was the first time without my parents, and I can tell that at the start, living on my own was quite challenging as I was only 17 years old.

Learning to Live on My Own

In 2013, I started studying Electronics Engineering and graduated four years later. Bit by bit I learned how to live by myself and started doing things that I like and enjoy. In addition to college courses, I also took other, mainly electronics and electrification related ones. Right after completing the electronics engineering studies, I continued with a 6-month internship. In the following years I had three different jobs in three different cities within sourcing of electronics parts.

Finding the Way to the World of Analysis

When I worked in sourcing, I started learning about data analysis by myself – to show the companies how to combine electronics sourcing with analysis and how to utilize the data in the business. I soon understood that being able to make various analyses was a very good additional qualification and talent for me. I wanted to have a good meaningful life, and I have worked very hard for that.

Joining Ensto’s Sourcing Organization

Right after receiving an offer from Ensto, I knew that the job description matched 100 % with what I wanted to do. My career as the Sourcing Data Analyst started in April 2022 and I have enjoyed every single day. I am responsible for gathering data and making global analysis for all Ensto markets. In the beginning, I was given a huge amount of raw data which I was able to process to a presentable format for the sourcing team. This has been an amazing learning opportunity for me, and I am happy that here I can utilize all the knowhow I have gained and show that in my work.

Sourcing is About Developing Customer Relations

For me, sourcing is about developing relationships with the customers. I see my role as a coordinator between the company and the supplier, not only as a handler of numbers and facts. I love the kind of job where I can work with people as I have always been curious about meeting new people and discussing with them. Through this, I have generated cost savings for all the companies I have worked for!

Motivating Success Stories

In my work I analyze the sourcing data, which brings the valuable insights be it related to delivery, materials, or suppliers – you name it and I’ll make it. One of my achievements during the four months is finding a local supplier for porcelain material. From the past I have good relations with a company, and I suggested it to Ensto – with analysis, of course. Such success stories are motivating. I have discovered that in life, you need to learn from the challenges: not to give up but to stick the neck out.

Loving the Family Business Values

What I like about working in a family business is that we do things together. It is inspiring and efficient. Ensto is in a growing stage and developing all the time and that is because we work for common targets. I learned already as a child that family always keeps together. We share everything and fight the challenges together as families do. As I joined Ensto I was told it is all about the employees and now, I have noticed it really is so. We are doing things for Ensto, but Ensto is also working for us employees. One example is our intranet which is a great arena for meeting, sharing and problem solving. Sharing is caring.

Pratiksha Rastogi

The writer of the blog, Pratiksha Rastogi, works as Sourcing Data Analyst in Ensto India.