Underground cable accessories installation training for electrical power-line installers

We arranged Ensto Pro underground cable accessories training for Uudenmaan Verkonrakennus Oy (UVR Ltd.).

The training was arranged at Porvoo, the city where Ensio Miettinen established the company 60 years ago. UVR builds and maintains distribution networks around Southern Finland. The training involved the installation of Screened separable connectors, Heat shrink joints and terminations. Some of Ensto's products were unknown to installers, so training was a natural addition to have more reliability for the installation work.

The day started with a theoretical part followed by installation work of terminations and joints. Thirty installers were divided into smaller groups thus guaranteeing a proper training for each product category. The day's objective was to install one Screened separable connector, Heat shrink joint and a termination.

A remarkable share of the delivery breaks for an underground cable network is caused by installation faults of cables and cable accessories, says the Europacable Accessory Committee, a cooperative organization of cable manufacturers. “The number of installation errors has significantly increased in Central Europe,” says Markku Wederhorn, the President of Ensto Utility Networks and a member of Europacable. “This is probably because of the change of installer generations and thus the disappearance of existing know-how.”

As a pioneer in the field, Ensto has offered installation trainings for years

Customer training sessions are a vital part of our operations. They enable a true connection between Ensto and our customers. We offer a complete package with reliable products, professional service and customized support. Our trainings are for all our customers. Each training session is tailored according to the trainee group and our aim is to make all trainings as efficient as possible in terms of learning. 

In addition to Ensto Pro training, we arrange trainings aiming for installer certification. For installed underground cable accessories made by certified installers, we grant a three-year warranty longer than the normal. Please Contact our sales staff to book a suitable training for your business.

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