The new handbook introduces best practises for cable preparation for medium-voltage cable accessories

Ensto has published a unique handbook, demonstrating tested methods and tools for preparing medium-voltage underground cables. Proper installation of high-quality accessories is one of the prerequisites for the faultless functioning of the electricity network. In common for all types of accessories is cable preparation. For that, a handbook with numerous examples and links to videos is now available.

Studies and experience show that in medium voltage cable lines, more than two-thirds of interruptions are related to the installation quality. As a manufacturer, Ensto has developed systematic cable preparation and installation methods to ensure the faultless operation of accessories and networks.

“This handbook focuses on cable preparation. It is always done regardless of the type or manufacturer of the accessory, and its impact on the performance of the accessory is critical,” says the author of the handbook, Angelo Roviello, Area Sales Manager of Ensto DSO (Distribution System Operators).

The handbook is intended to guide and remind installers of the correct preparation methods and recommended tools and their correct use. Also, examples of common installation errors increase awareness of their potential consequences.

However, this manual does not replace the instructions following the product. Instead, it provides an easy way to ensure that the level of cable preparation meets the high standards required for cleanliness and proper installation.

Thoroughly tested methods and tools

Ensto has an accredited laboratory that continuously tests and certifies company’s products for all markets to meet their requirements and standards. The accessories are tested to withstand mechanical and electrical stress at a level that radically exceeds normal conditions in the field.

“When the installer uses the same methods and the same tools as we do, the performance of the accessory in the field is virtually guaranteed,” says Angelo Roviello.

“The tools presented in this handbook are the ones we recommend based on our experience of internal use and the positive feedback we have received from customers and installers around the world".

“The ultimate goal of all this is proper installation, reliable network operation and lower total cost for the customer," he says.


Practical guide to review and learn

The accessory emulates the structure of the cable and provides a safe and reliable transition when connecting two cables or terminating a cable at the end of a line. It provides adequate insulation, galvanic connection, and electric field control. For the accessory to work as intended, proper cable preparation is critical.

First, the handbook describes the typical structure of a polymeric insulated extruded cable and specific features of its various parts. Then the complete procedure of preparing is presented in detail, in particular removal of the outer sheath of aluminum laminated or copper wire single-core cables, removal of bonded and strippable insulation screen and treatment of the insulation, including tips and video examples.

Useful to all medium voltage installers, supervisors and students

“When we train or certify our customers, we focus on the specific accessories they use or complete product families. So, our in-depth know-how is part of our service but available to only those who are present at each training session,” Roviello says.

“The handbook of preparing the cable shares essential part of that information and covers all the common topics an installer faces, no matter what accessory he or she is using. The cable needs to be prepared anyway before installation.”

In customer training, even the most experienced installers have welcomed this review of cable properties and preparation tips as a reminder. The handbook is designed to serve as a learning material in education as well.