Smart heating benefits the environment and saves costs

EU’s ecodesign directive is an important step in the fight against greenhouse gases and avoiding unnecessary energy usage. Its stipulations are aimed at local household heaters, floor heating and their control devices.

Politicians are usually in charge of the big picture, but they also react to the wishes and demands of the public. The larger the crowd that changes its ways, the faster we can stop climate change.

Living is a major cause of greenhouse emissions. Lately, the general discussion has concentrated largely on eating red meat, traveling by air and the enormous emissions of cruise ships. But even a small decrease in home temperatures, as long as enough people do this, is a significant weapon in the fight against climate change.

In addition to space heaters, new energy saving products can be found, for example, in block heaters, washing machines, freezers, coffee makers, etc. You could say that the entire home can participate in climate measures.

For Ensto as a company it is of utmost importance to both follow the law and make strategic decisions that support sustainable climate development. This is why Ensto jumped right in with the production of new products that meet the new ecodesign standards.

Why heat your home when you’re not there?

As a direct consequence of the directive sustainable development progresses, the level of environmental protection rises and the security of energy supply increases.

The directive especially targets electrical equipment that maintain the heating comfort of people in enclosed spaces. The inhabitant doesn’t have to deal with thermostats when they have been set to an energy saving mode. You won’t heat a space unnecessarily when you are not present.

Before: Turn off the lights when you leave -> Now: Drop the temperature when you aren’t home

The ecodesign directive defines several technical alternatives that fulfill ecodesign targets. In Ensto’s products these are 1. Week calendar, that according to a study by Motiva enables up to 40 % savings in heating, 2. Adaptive heating control, where a thermostat optimizes the start of heating according to conditions, and 3. Remote control makes the old temperature reduction feature much more versatile. At the same time, Ensto has also added easy-to-use energy saving features that help the consumer to see how much he/she has saved by making wiser choices. The easy monitoring and measuring of energy consumption have been added to Ensto products to help save energy and updating of the devices takes place wirelessly with an application.

So, Ensto has adapted its product palettes, added new features, increased energy saving capabilities and a Bluetooth connection. At the same time, you can control all Ensto ecodesign-compatible heating devices, like the Tupa and Beta heating series and floor and combination thermostats, with the Ensto Heat Control mobile application.

Smart Weekly Calendar Control

The settings of the Weekly Calendar Control enable changes in daily temperatures during a seven-day time period. You can, for example, drop the temperature of your home from ten six a.m. and save energy. The device learns that you wish to enjoy warm floors at around six in the evening, and it learns to start increasing heat at five to make this happen. The aim is that the device encourages you to save energy without you having to lift a finger to do that.

Avoiding unnecessary heating leads to savings in both energy consumption and costs, as well as to smarter use of electricity.

Decreasing one’s own carbon footprint through smart living and energy consumption choices brings cost savings, as well. So, being reasonable is worth it for many reasons!