Leading in Lighting

Meet Jukka Tiitu, Ensto Lighting business unit’s new President

The formation of the Ensto Lighting business unit is a clear signal of the importance of the lighting business for Ensto. Another signal was the hiring of Jukka Tiitu to lead the organization.

A veteran of Nokia, Hewlett-Packard, and Tech Data, Tiitu has an IT and mobile industry background. He has also spent a good portion of his career working with wholesale distributors, a business model which is critical to success in the lighting business.

Tiitu sees three clear advantages for Ensto Lighting. “First we have extremely skilled lighting design specialists. Second, our portfolio is strong and it matches customer needs. Finally, Ensto’s competitive edge has been top class availability and delivery accuracy. Our production side is extremely flexible and we excel in delivery accuracy and at fast customization.”

There are many opportunities in the market at the moment, says Tiitu. “LED is still driving the growth, our excellent products are gaining more and more ground, we are strong in lighting big ships, and we have a very strong portfolio and project execution skills. The big opportunity is how to use existing Ensto networks to open up or accelerate other European markets where Ensto is present. We’ve been strong especially in Finland and Sweden, but we have huge growth potential in other countries.”

What’s the future of lighting? “The Internet of Things and intelligent lighting will play a key role in product development,” says Tiitu. “There is also lighting as a service, where you buy light but not the fixtures.”

Tiitu says the business changes so fast that the only thing we can be certain of is continued disruption. “But,” he adds, “Ensto Lighting is structured to embrace change so that both Ensto and its customers will profit.”