It's an Ensto World

Ensto employees from around the world share what's good about Ensto and how they feel Ensto has developed over the years.


Reidun Urdal, HCM Manager, Norway, with Ensto since 1987

"When I started as a two-week temporary employee in 1987, the name of the company was Høiness & Høiness. Ensto bought the company in 1991, and we became part of an international group. From my point of view, it seems that the Miettinen family has made many right choices throughout the years and moved in the right directions. This has led to an international company with many strings on its bow, and simultaneously a company with its feet planted firmly on the ground. Ensto is family owned, and to me it seems that the Miettinen family wants a company focused on values and not exclusively profit-making."



Ville Parviainen, Head of Software, Finland, with Ensto since 2015

“Ensto has a strong will for the company to meet today's challenges, yet, at the same time, also listen to the needs and ideas of of the next generation. I like the fact that Ensto is a strong family company where everyone is cared about. Let's bravely continue on the path to digitalization, learn new things, and put our knowhow to work!"




Mihkel Aitsam, Manager, Business Information Systems, Estonia, with Ensto since 1994

"Ensto was a very different place 23 years ago when I started. Our emphasis has shifted from Finland to the Nordic markets to Europe and beyond. Ensto is a stable employer with good reputation and I have never felt boring here. Something is always going on at Ensto – new projects and new developments. It has given me opportunity to travel, meet people in other countries, and learn new things. Learning new things daily in my job, and this is what keeps me excited. Employees are the most valuable asset at Ensto. Their knowledge, skills, and ideas make Ensto what it is and what it will be. Keep up the enthusiasm and spirit. Companies have to be more and more flexible to find new business opportunities and solutions. Happy birthday to all Ensto people, from the past and the present!"


Madeleine Björk, HCM Manager, Sweden, at Ensto since 1987

"The development of the company has always been very positive. The cooperation between the different business units has become stronger. The best thing about Ensto is that it is and has always been a great company to work for. I can't remember waking up one morning and not wanting to go to work."





Svetlana Evseeva, Production Worker, Russia, with Ensto since 2007

“Over the years I’ve observed Ensto's development in production. When I started, the production had just opened and was not equipped and inefficient. But over time it became a highly organized technology plant. Ensto is great about taking care of its employees. In addition to good benefits, it gives us an opportunity to develop professionally. I feel stable here and I have confidence in the future. I with the company more development and prosperity, even more new, interesting projects!”




Francesco Santella, Sales and Marketing Director, France, with Ensto since 2006

"My best Ensto memory is the first time I met Ensio Miettinen, the founder of Ensto, I was impressed by his charisma. I think the best thing about Ensto as an employer is that it’s a family company, held by the same family since its beginning with strong values and respect. Ensto has developed during the years doing good choices about products and strategy, being one of the first manufacturer of the electrical vehicle charging pole, spreading abroad in Italy and France."



Jeffrey Glover, Sales Support Specialist, USA, with Ensto since 2017

"The best thing about Ensto is the people. I have visited the Porvoo, Tallinn and Keila offices and come away with a genuine feeling of compassion for one another and what we do as employees of Ensto. Since I am a relative newcomer, I can only envision our future. In the USA, we are pushing the envelope when it comes to the things that we will be able to do in the years ahead."




Vinod Kumar, Production Manager, India, with Ensto since 2010

"When I joined Ensto India our turnover was nothing, and now we are operating with six million euros in turnover and 138 employees. We've grown at more than 20% per year and now Ensto is a market leader in its category. In my opinion, our transparency and agility are our best assets!"





Przemyslaw Drozdzik, Customer Engagement Manager, Poland, with Ensto since 2006

"Since I joined Ensto there have been a lot of initiatives aiming to change our mindset from strictly technical, production-driven, to an innovative, customer-oriented company. We have always tried to keep up the pace of the changing world and develop new products and solutions, find new markets, optimize our operations or take over new companies. Despite all the changes during those years, the spirit of Ensto remained mostly the same, and even newcomers adjust very quickly to this unique company’s culture. I’ve spent more than one fourth of my life at Ensto, and I believe it’s worth spending even more here.”



Petr Necas, Sales Director, Czech Republic, with Ensto since 1999

"Ensto has developed a lot towards new sophisticated products and solutions and this development has been accelerating during last two or three years. The best thing is that Ensto as an employer plays fair play with employees."





Tibor Lakatos, Managing Director, Hungary, with Ensto since 1997

"21 years is a long time. I started to work for a company where the founder was an employee and now we are living in a digital world. I have seen many different development periods at Ensto, many different management styles while the business environment has been changed continuously. Most of our leaders have focused on the employees, which is – according to my opinion - the key element of the successful development.
Ensto as an employer is still different from an international standard multinational company. We have space to be the best one in every category, but as a package, Ensto is positively different from the standard. Most of our employees are satisfied with Ensto and only the satisfied employee creates a satisfied client. If I say some keywords where Ensto is better as an employer: strong teamwork, social atmosphere, chance for creativity, trust in each other."