Installer training cuts down defects in cable networks

The use of high-quality cable accessories is a prerequisite for reliability in medium voltage cable networks. However, since most interruptions are due to the installation process, proper and systematic training of installers is needed in order to reduce the number of faults.

The electrification of continuously growing urban areas is based on cable networks, and in rural areas overhead lines are gradually moving underground. Constant shortage of professionals brings in installers with various backgrounds.

At the same time, cable accessories have been developed into complete packages with product-specific installation instructions. A trained professional knows the importance of on-site preparations such as protecting against dirt and water. He also follows the installation instructions carefully to make the joint or ending last as long as the cable itself.

Training reduces costs

It is estimated that more than two thirds of unexpected interruptions in cable connections are due to faulty installation. In Central Europe, for example, the cabling activity is on high level, and the situation might be even worse.

Leading utilities look for a solution in two ways – by selecting tested, high-quality products, and by applying systematic product training of installers. They know that by improving the quality of installation work, the costs can be reduced significantly in the long run.

As supplier, Ensto has been providing installation training for more than ten years in various markets. The concept is called Ensto Pro and includes events that consist of both theory-based lessons and hands-on installation exercises.

It is estimated that more than two thirds of unexpected interruptions in cable connections are due to faulty installation.

The products, in turn, are tested in accredited laboratories in accordance of international standards, and in addition to that, continuously in-house to ensure quality. The installation instructions are based on visual images to clearly point out critical steps and measures.

The final goal of all this is a correct installation, reliable operation of the network and lower total cost of ownership for the customer.

Proven results in Sweden

Ensto in Sweden has experience of systematic product training of medium voltage cable accessories since 2012.

“At that time large utilities had failures in their networks, and it was soon realized that they were not due to the product itself. These utilities welcomed our installation training, received excellent results and remain loyal customers today,” says Björn Gustafsson, Sales Director of Ensto in Sweden.

“Several years ago, one of the largest network owners in the country required its contractors to have all their installers trained on our products every four years. Now many other customers are doing the same,” he says.

Medium voltage accessory training is usually held on or near customer premises. The day starts with cable theory, sharing experiences and going through the steps of installation. After lunch is a time for hands-on installation in small groups. Gustafsson and the team organize trainings almost every week covering nearly all Swedish customers. This also means that the Ensto team and installers know each other well, and it is easy to pick up a phone and call.

“Some installers have already been trained for two or three rounds. They still find the day very rewarding and an excellent opportunity to discuss and learn something new for their daily work.”

“Also, the customer feedback is encouraging. One of our long-standing customers trained all the installers to cold shrink joints. After that, there was not a single failure, no more penalties and no replacement costs. The installers were also delighted with their improved skills.”


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