Ensto Building Systems: Focusing for Better Customer Service and Growth

Dedicated teams and factories will enable Ensto Building Systems to dominate in its home market, the Nordics, and selected niche markets.

The “building” in Ensto Building Systems (EBS) may be taken as a noun or a verb, which is just one sign of the flexibility and agility of the business that offers electrification and lighting solutions for buildings, but also building solutions applicable for multiple industries.

That agility and focus are enabled by Ensto Group's "Two businesses, two focuses" strategy, which recognizes the fundamental differences between the two businesses in the Ensto Group. EBS’s scope is defined as the Nordics and selected niches. Its sister business, Ensto DSO, pursues markets and customers at the global level.

“EBS customers have a different set of needs, and the market dynamics are different, so we’ll use focused teams to serve customers even better,” says Jukka Tiitu, President of EBS. "All our functions, like product management, R&D, sales, manufacturing, are structured based on the needs of EBS’s business and customers, because it’s agile specialists who will win."

No multiple hats

EBS’s success formula calls for dedicated teams, clearly defined business owners, and precise targets. “People won’t wear multiple hats,” says Tiitu. “You need to be a specialist in your segment to better serve the customer and see changes in market needs. With this approach, the result will be growth.”

The EBS specialists will be organized into seven different product areas.

Lighting, an already proven successful Ensto product area, will have one product owner with dedicated resources in its markets. Industrial electrification will focus on enclosures and components on a global level. Residential electrification will handle heating, wiring accessories, and panel boards. Cable management will concentrate on cable ladders, trays, rails and trunkings. Cabling systems will focus on office electrification in France. EV charging will address the fast-growing electric vehicle charging market with a wide smart charger portfolio. The Marine team in Italy will focus on passenger cruise ships, where it’s a leading lighting and electrification supplier to Europe’s largest shipbuilders in Italy, France and Finland.

Clear geography

EBS’s goal is to be the leading smart electrical solution provider in the Nordics. “We're big in Finland, we’re a successful player in Sweden, and we’re still rather small in Norway,” says Tiitu. “We’ll be balancing that out by growing, especially in Sweden and Norway, without forgetting our native Finland. Additionally, we see material growth potential in our niche markets like Marine in Italy, heaters in Russia, office electrification in France, and in our global industrial electrification business."

Concentration, specialization, and dedicated resources, with profitable growth as a key in decision-making, is EBS’s plan for growing along with its customers.

"Customer satisfaction is a key to success, and we measure it on a weekly basis in order to be able to react fast and develop our activities accordingly,” says Tiitu. “Employee satisfaction is also important, since happy employees create happy customers. EBS will be lean and mean and more agile than our big competitors.”