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At full power in electricity distribution with a wide offering

Today, Ensto is fully focused on electricity distribution business with a mission to become a leading expert for distribution system operators. We offer innovative and reliable, long-lifecycle overhead lines, underground networks, network automation and new smart technology products for electricity distribution. 

With our full focus on electricity distribution, we want to offer the best service to our electricity distribution customers all over the world also on our web pages, where we have over 1500 products available! Since there are plenty of products to choose from, we have wanted to make our customers' work even easier and reorganized our product offering on web

Ensto products presented according to voltages

In the industry, products are usually searched by voltage level, so we wanted to change our product categories on the web accordingly. This naturally allowed us to categorize our offering better. Now you can easily find our products in voltage level categories: 

We also have a wide offering of installation tools for both overhead lines and underground networks, which can now be conveniently found in one place.

With this change we want to: 

  • make the product offering more customer-oriented and to support customers’ search preferences  
  • make Ensto's product offering easier to navigate and find  
  • harmonize the product category logic – the hierarchy presents the products on the main level from the voltage point of view. 

Welcome to search and comment! 

We believe that the renewed product category is now easier to navigate when all products are found from the voltage level and the products are clearly visible. You can't get lost. And in case you do and can’t find your way to the right product, you can always use the Search function on our web pages. 

We would be happy to hear your comments on the change:

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Check our most viewed products on web and the place in the new categories: