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Greetings from RIVE 2015

The newest electrical vehicles and Ensto Chago charging solutions were presented in the RIVE 2015 exhibition in Alès, Southern France.

Niko Helander, Vice President, Ensto Operations

Niko Helander has been appointed as Vice President, Ensto Operations and as a Member of Ensto Management Group as of July 1st, 2015.

Martti Mäntylä appointed as member of Ensto’s Board of Directors

Ensto Board of Directors has appointed Dr. Martti Mäntylä presently acting as Professor of Information Technology with dual appointment in the School of Science and in the School of Engineering as member of Ensto's Board.

Alppilux Oy changes its name to Ensto Lighting Oy

Ensto transfers its lighting business in Finland to Alppilux Oy as of June 1st 2015.

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