Radiator fast

GTIN 6438100339234
E-nummer 8500735
Namn Radiator fast Tupa
ELRADIATOR TASO 1000W/230V BT med elektronisk termostat och kopplingsdosa. IP20.
Beskrivning Classic combination heater with low surface temperature. Thermostat can be adjusted from the knob or from downloadable Bluetooth-application where the main features are week calendar, boost, and vacation settings. Energy consumption can easily be monitored from the app. It is possible to connect parallel heaters to unit, there is an intelligent temperature change feature from external voltage (factory setting 10 ֯C) and heater can control wirelessly other Ensto Bluetooth heaters, max. 10 pce
Återförsäljare Ensto Building Systems Finland Oy
Brand Tupa