Radiator fast/flyttbar

Kod BETA15-BT-EB-IP24-400
GTIN 6438100362829
E-nummer 8500810
Namn Radiator fast/flyttbar Beta
Beta convector 1500W/400V with electronic thermostat and connection box for fixed installation. White color, RAL9010. IP24. 389x1121mm.
Beskrivning Ecodesign-compatible convector with accurate electronic thermostat, which can be controlled from the thermostat or with downloadable Bluetooth-application (Android and iOS). Features for temperature control are calendar, boost, and vacation. Energy consumption can easily be monitored from the app. Thermostat has an intelligent temperature change feature that can be activated with external voltage and wireless slave-heater feature with a maximum of 10 convectors.
Återförsäljare Ensto Building Systems Finland Oy
Brand Beta