CuboLink configuration tool

CuboLink is our web-based configuration tool intended for the flexible and quick specification of the customer-specific feature of enclosures. With the help of this tool, the customer can select an enclosure from Ensto’s range and perform all the necessary enclosure configurations, such as adding the openings and components. This tool provides excellent support for the electronic order-delivery-process, because it automatically transfers any configurations the customer makes in the standard enclosure to the production line.

Why Ensto's CuboLink

  • Excellent support for the electronic order-delivery process
  • Intergrade able with product development and CAD tools
  • Shorter lead time: order goes directly to the production line
  • Save Money: you can perform the necessary enclosure configurations yourself
  • Easy to use: openings and components can be added using drag-and-drop function

Download CuboLink Lite free of charge for your use

CuboLink is an Internet-based configuration, quotation and order management tool that integrates into ERP systems, business processes and e-business.

CuboLink Lite has the same configuration features as the full version tool. However, unlike the full version, CuboLink Lite is not integrated into our ERP system. For this reason, each technical drawing and quotation request is sent to us via automatic email. The request will be answered as soon as possible.

Download CuboLink Lite for your own use. If you are a new user, please register first. Your password will be sent to you soon afterwards by e-mail.

Download the software

CuboFlex customization unit

We offer our partners the opportunity to co-operate in providing customized enclosures to third parties. Thanks to the CuboFlex customization unit partnership concept, our partners can offer rapid customization and instant prototyping services for thermoplastic enclosures.

Partnership concept

At the core of the partnership concept are our CuboLink configuration tool and the CuboFlex customization unit on our partner’s premises. This unit is used for customizing Ensto Cubo enclosures according to the configuration created with CuboLink by our partner. CuboFlex is especially suitable for low- and medium-volume high-mix mass customisation.

The aim of the CuboFlex partnership concept is to improve the services offered by the partner, enabling quick prototyping and fast, flexible customisation for the partner’s customers.


Further information

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