Sourcing contacts

Tomasz Bilinski, Head of Procurement and Customer Care

  • Tel. +33607395427
  • Email: Tomasz.Bilinski(at)

Kristy Valgma-Antsmäe, Manager, Group Supplier Quality and Risk Management

Quality, environmental and legislation related matters, audits

  • Tel. +3725208181
  • Email: Kristy.Valgma-Antsmae(at)

Pekka Tiainen, Director, Group Sourcing Strategic projects

Panel boards

  • Tel. +358404850062
  • Email: Pekka.Tiainen(at)

Electrical Cluster

Henri Fäldt, Category Cluster Manager

EMS, including electronic cards and components

  • Tel. +358407780558
  • Email: Henri.Faldt(at)

Patricia Ramillien,Category Manager

Electric wires, cables and accessories

  • Tel. +33468574025
  • Email: Patricia.Ramillien(at)

Helen Püümann, Category Specialist

LED drivers, modules and luminaires

  • Tel. +37255535292
  • Email: Helen.Pyymann(at)

Samuel Pupier, Category Manager


  • Tel. +33474656172
  • Email: Samuel.Pupier(at)

Metals, Alloys and Fabricated Components Cluster

Pekka Tiainen, Category Cluster Manager

Steel fabrication

  • Tel. +358404850062
  • Email: Pekka.Tiainen(at)

Tatiana Novatskaya, Category Manager

Brass and copper (tubes, bars, drawn, special) fabrication, steel sheets, coils and tubes

  • Tel. +79219274198
  • Email: Tatiana.Novatskaya(at)

Juha Lukkari, Category Manager

Steel wires and wire ropes, surface treatments, including painting and coating supplies, fasteners, aluminium (tubes, bars, drawn, special) fabrication

  • Tel. +358407157722
  • Email: Juha.Lukkari(at)

Roland Assibat, Category Manager


  • Tel. +33562954506
  • Email: Roland.Assibat(at)

Plastics and Other Non-Metallic Materials Cluster

Tomasz Bilinski, Category Cluster Manager

Plastic components (proprietary/std) and fabrication (including molds), chemicals, lubricants and adhesives, insulators

  • Tel. +33607395427
  • Email: Tomasz.Bilinski(at)

Peeter Vuks, Procurement Manager

Plastic and silicon raw material, plastic components (proprietary/std) and fabrication (including molds), chemicals, lubricants and adhesives

  • Tel. +3725030707
  • Email: Peeter.Vuks(at)

Packaging Materials, Indirect Services and Supplies Cluster

Tomasz Bilinski, Category Cluster Manager, Indirect Services

  • Tel. +33607395427
  • Email: Tomasz.Bilinski(at)