Additional Services

Ensto EV solutions offers additional services to complement the needs of your EV infrastructure. Whether you are looking for a mobile data subscription or utilise customer branding, we have the right additional service available for you. Just pick and choose.

Factory Pre-Commissioning

Factory pre-commissioning helps cut the costs and reduce time taken for EV charger installations. Getting your SIM cards and settings all set at the factory means less management overheads. It also takes pressure off installers, who are often electrical experts but not connectivity specialists.

With factory pre-commissioning, Ensto delivers your charging points set up online, ready to use, with a SIM card installed, and all necessary management system pre-configurations and settings done on our production line.

In short, it results in considerably easier and more cost-effective on-site commissioning.

Mobile Data Subscription

The Ensto mobile data subscription is an additional service that offers our customers SIM cards of an operator defined by Ensto. It also comes with a fully prepared connection to the intelligent Ensto EV Cloud system.

If you order factory pre-commissioning as part of your Ensto EV charging solution, you’ll have the added option of choosing between an Ensto mobile data subscription or your own data subscription.

Customer Branding

Customer branded EV chargers are an ideal solution for businesses looking to improve their company image. Ensto offers fully customisable EV chargers with individual customer logos and colours.

EV charging is a proven way for businesses to increase their revenue, reviews and rewards. By utilising the future-proof Ensto chargers with the customer branding of your choice, your business can send out a clear message of supporting its customer needs with sustainable values and smart services.

Extended Warranty

We offer an extended warranty to minimize your operational downtime and extend your EV charging lifetime and your firmware warranty.

The extended warranty covers broken components and manufacturing faults on hardware during your Ensto charging point warranty period. All charging points under warranty are either sent back to Ensto to be repaired, or their spare parts can be sent to the customer’s site for replacement.

Our extended warranty does not cover e.g. parts broken by vandalism. In such cases, we offer a rapid dispatch spare parts service to minimize downtime.
Firmware warranty times may vary by product and market. Firmware warranties can be extended based on customer-specific SLAs.